Elisabeth Sweet
Served Mar 28th & July 2nd, 2024 


Uncommon Gallery, Seoul
Feb 20th -Mar 5th, 2024

Code Chronicles

bitforms gallery
Mar 3rd - Apr 15th, 2023

Digital Art Observatory

Artist Residency Sept 6th - Oct 30th, 2021

What We Do

Electric Artefacts is a studio and curatorial advisory for digital art and NFTs.

We focus on:

• Curation

• Education

• Creative production & events

Our team actively supports humanitarian work


Introducing Technoromanticism

Over the coming months Electric Artefacts is presenting various projects and collaborations under the theme of Technoromanticism. Originally coined in the nineties as a derogatory term for those overestimating the power of the internet as a force for good, Electric Artefacts will be reevaluating the relevance of romanticism for new media art today.


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