Tweeterview Highlights: Taranveer Singh & Tù.úk'z

To prepare us all for the coming winter and keep us warm, we have reignited our Tweeterview series with two terrific digital artists working in the NFT space. Our conversations with Taranveer Singh and Tù.úk'z lead to insightful musings on narrative, community and interconnectedness. Dive into the minds of these artists with us, we’ve picked out some of the more interesting snippets from our Tweeterviews!

And FYI - our door is always open to prospective Tweeterviewees! So if you’d like to be considered for our next Tweeterview, please reach out!

Taranveer Singh

Detail of Words & Visuals - Drowning

Taranveer Singh is a multidisciplinary motion designer and director based out in India. With a professional experience of more than 7+ years in the advertising industry, he has worked for brands like Sephora, Procter & Gamble, HP, KIA Motors, and many more. Besides his professional experience, he has gained recognition in the 3D space for his unique experimental Motion concepts/series and dark 3d illustrations visually narrating mind-boggling concepts.

First, he explained to us the things that inspire him, and how Singh manages to give his pieces an air of perfectly polished stillness.

Then he also explained how this translates to the stories that capture his imagination or speak to him emotionally, such as with his work ‘The Crowded Room’ which was based on the nonfiction novel 'The Minds of Bill Miligan' by Daniel Keyes. In regards to the work, Singh shares that it's “a man tormented by twenty-four distinct personalities battling for supremacy over his body.”

Which left us on this note regarding the overlap and differences between art and design - an important distinction to remember, and very well phrased!


Detail of Tetris's Different #36

Next, we welcomed Tù.úk'z, self-described Digital Artist and Hacker Activist based in Brazil. Working in the "post-internet" space, Tù.úk'z has participated in over 20 worldwide exhibitions since 2014. His works include styles and aesthetics ranging from vaporwave-reminiscent collage-like compositionds, to pixelated portraits and colourfully geometric patterns.

To start things off, Tù.úk'z told us about the beginnings of his journey as an artist, saying “when I was 17 I discovered myself hand drawing, painting, doing abstract art. In the year of 2012 I discovered digital art through a Facebook group called ‘Glitch Artists Collective’ and also to another group called ‘Free The Pixels’”. Also, he shined a light on the contributions these groups made to early digital art:

Keeping this focus on the human elements, when asked to describe his practice in emojis Tù.úk'z gave a very fitting answer:

Rainbowscillator #2 #59

The artist also gave us this insight into his Rainbowscillator series, which he explained was “inspired by the use of colour itself. I was just mesmerized about the colours when it came out that I just couldn’t help myself”

And ending the interview, as well as this article, we leave you with this exciting vision for things to come. Stay tuned for our next Tweeterviews!

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