Electric Artefacts provides an online venue to connect digital artists with patrons, and resource an artist's continued exploration of the intersection of art, technology and society.  

In our view, digital art represents the most progressive, exciting domain in the art world. Electric Artefacts aims to loosen the constraints of the gallery-driven curation model built primarily for physical works by helping digital artists find new followers and supporters. We aim to expand the audience for digital art with an innovative platform that complements existing market resources.

What is Digital Art?

Digital Art is a category where artists use new technologies as a medium for creating their work (as opposed to film or photography, where digital technologies are used as production tools). Digital Art is also often referred to as new media art, time-based media, computer or algorithmic art to describe the movement.

If you’d like to learn more, we recommend A Companion to Digital Art, Edited by Christiane Paul, Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.  


We ship to majority of destinations, as well as offer direct pick-up options for some of the works.

Once an order has been made, you will receive a payment confirmation via email. You will receive another email with shipping details and tracking number as soon as it is shipped. We ship the prints within 7 days of the order.

The works are packaged securely to ensure the safety of your print.

Please note that for the internationally shipping from the UK, the import/duty charges are included. However, in individual cases you may be liable to pay.

I Purchased a Print. What next?

If you receive the work in a tube, remove it from the tube at your earliest convenience and store the piece flat. The print can be placed between some cardboard or plywood, or weighted down on the four corners, preferably with soft objects. Make sure the the surface you are applying to flatten the print doesn’t leave stains on the paper. We advise not to leave your new print rolled for too long.

You can choose to mount your print before making the final decision on the frame. Mounting a work helps preserve the print. We use museum grade paper for prints.

When framing the work, we recommend a frame with Art Glass. This may be a little more expensive at first, but it's worth it - Art Glass will keep your print in excellent condition across for longer and will ensure the colours always stay true.

Please be mindful of the environment your piece is hung. Extreme temperature or humidity can have an adverse effect on your beautiful print, so be sure to keep it protected! We always recommend framing the work behind glass as a great way to keep it protected from any adverse environmental conditions.

All Sales are Final

We do not offer returns on our unique works, limited edition artists’ prints, video and media forms of art. If you will have questions about a purchase, you can contact us on info [at] electricartefacts [dot] art and we will provide support within our best efforts.