About Electric Artefacts

Agency and curatorial advisory for digital art and NFTs

Through exhibitions, editorials and advisory services, Electric Artefacts is your point of reference in a rapidly and continuously evolving field of digital art.

Get in touch for exclusive digital fine art NFTs and a chance to kick-start your digital art collection.


Curated Platform
Electric Artefacts serves as a curated space for digital art exhibitions and events.

Enhanced Experience
We work together with curators to develop enhanced experiences for their shows. Those experiences include audio guides, augmented reality experiences and third-party integrations.


Electric Artefacts publishes news, interviews and editorials covering key themes in digital art for both knowledgeable and new audience.

We have an ongoing series of panel discussions featuring some of the most exciting digital artists on the scene in conversation with experts.

Our events page is a resource to provide latest events, exhibitions and happenings in new media art globally.

NFT Advisory

NFT Platforms
We identify and curate artists that best resonate with the vision of your platform. Whether building a community of artists or working together on campaigns surrounding a unique release - we offer tailored partnerships for every client.

Collection Advisory
We advise gallerists, museums and collectors interested in adding NFT art as part of their collection.