Introducing Tweeterviews: Crypto-Native Conversations for the Present Day

The storm of NFTs that hit early 2021 caused a wave of digital art to flood our social media. Scrolling through images out of context is a habit we have all picked up over the past two decades, post after post drowning out one another. But, what if we could stop, and have a conversation with the artwork or artist before it is washed down our timelines? In a new project, Electric Artefacts will be conducting interviews live on Twitter - returning some context and encouraging people to ask questions.

Every week we will be online on Twitter with a key player from the crypto art space. Over the course of half an hour we will discuss their work, online presence, upcoming projects and whatever else is relevant in the Twittersphere - all live in a thread. In the last 10 minutes we invite the public to chime in with their own questions, and put them to our expert of the night.

To participate in the tweeterview, simply be online at the time announced. Any and all questions asked in the thread within the timespan of the last 10 minutes will get answered. It’s your chance to pick the brain of your favourite artist - but remember to be respectful, or you will get reported. In addition, selected write-ups of the interviews will be featured on the Electric Artefacts website. Stay tuned!

You can check for the next Tweeterview on our events page.

Interested in participating in our series? Send us a note

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Electric Artefacts

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