Crypto Donations: List of Charities Operating in Ukraine that Accept Cryptocurrency

Below is a list of organizations with volunteers operating in Ukraine that have agile impact on the ground. This list will be updated as more Charities are vetted. 


Medical battalion "Hospitallers" works directly on the front lines. It is a volunteer organization of paramedics founded by a war veteran and member of parliament Yana Zinkevich at the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine in 2014. 


CEO Club

CEO Club Ukraine is a private intellectual club that has been uniting business leaders for development, communication, and cooperation during the last ten years. They are working on the ground to source and deliver essential supplies, medicine and equipment. 


Safe Away From Home

Safe Away from Home is an initiative by the environmental Aurora Borealis Group to aid civilians, particularly families with children currently suffering from Russian aggression. Their teams evacuate people to safety, provide rehabilitation, shelter and food, and gather and deliver humanitarian aid from Europe.


Sozanovskiy Headquarters

Volunteer organization run by Ukrainian public figure Valery Sozanovskiy. They source food, medication and volunteers to deliver aid in critical locations. 



Razom’s Emergency Response was created to provide urgent help and support in the face of an extreme and unforeseen situation in Ukraine. The team is responding to this by providing critical medical supplies and amplifying the voices of Ukrainians.


There are also larger charities that accept crypto donations and work with smaller teams to distribute them. Major ones include:

Come Back Alive:

Official wallet for Ukrainian Government:

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