Recap of Electric Artefacts’ Latest Tweeterviews: Rudolf Boogerman, Little Pig, oonthinice & Twirble

As summer begins to reach full swing, so do our Tweeterviews continue to heat up. Once again, we bring our non-Twitter-based audience the highlights of the interviews we have been conducting in comment-threads through Tweets. This time, we walk the reader through reflections on our natural environment, surrealism and absurdity in the crypto-world and the art of community-building.

And FYI - our door is always open to prospective Tweeterviewees! So if you’d like to be considered for our next Tweeterview, please reach out!

Rudolf Boogerman

Cardboard design (on the left) as model for the first Wooden Dimensions artwork, called “Some stages of mind

First off, we interviewed visual artist Rudolf Boogerman. Born in England to Dutch parents and currently based in the Ardennes, Boogerman uses a wide variety of mediums from cardboard and wood to film and computer graphic design. After having gone to a graphic arts school, his artistic practice developed further after moving to London.

Now, his work has come to explore the facets of humanity’s relationship to and perspectives on natural surroundings: “I also like to question human behaviour, how we evolve, our relationship with the environment we live in. And I express that in a metaphorical way. And sometimes, I visualize my abstract dreams.”

Little Pig

Compilation showing the breadth of the Little Pigs collection

Next up, we spoke to artist and storyteller Stranezzio, creator of the Little Pigs-project. He describes the conceptual Little Pig series as "an expanding collection of absurdist hand-crafted portraits" - of toes, that is. Including his own as well as other people's feet fingers, Little Pig "explores putting the [NFT-]community’s actual skin in the game." Explaining the appeal of using toes for a modern Dadaist project, Stranezzio would describe toes as “anonymous, identifiable, anti-Pretentious.” And perfect for a crypto-project:

The Little Pig-project’s goofiness also revealed a more profound meaning about the nature of art. Do we need to know the importance of toes to appreciate them?


Oontinice, Self-portrait No.1 "Bird", 2021

To follow, we finally rendez-voused with one of the people who introduced us to many of our Tweeterviewees all those weeks ago in a tweet: oonthinice. The architect behind the Babel NFT-community as well as a talented visual artist and musician, oonthinice used ‘Babel’ as a “way to say hello to NFT community as an upcoming artist”, inviting crypto artists, collectors and community heroes to ‘move-in’ to her artwork, thereby reflecting a digital urban landscape. And as luck would have it (but we like to think we had a part in it too!), the NFT of Babel sold not a week after our Tweeterview!

We also gained insight into the background of oonthinice, and were not surprised to hear she has always had an eye for detail and visual communication.


Twirble, Having a Drink With a Flower Fairy Under a Post Apocalyptic Moonlight;and a Camel

And last but not least, we caught up with surrealist artist Twirble to discuss their deep-sea dives into the crevices of the mind. Working mostly with coloured pencils, crayon, collage and digital art, the LA-based artist creates fantastical compositions reminiscent of the fluid language of our dreams.

We also got an insight into Twirble’s favourite work, a beautiful collage that catches a moment under the various layers and sheets of paper. “It was created by first laying down newspaper, then placing a varied obfuscation of tissue and gel medium. My soul fell into this piece; quite literally,” Twirble explained.

All in all, another successful round of Tweeterviews! Stay tuned as we report back from our next session Second Realm!

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