July Tweeterview Highlights: Mikko Lyytinen, Beatrice Von Millhouse and Claudio Dalla Bernardina

Another week, another Tweeterview. We appreciate that not everyone may be on Twitter, hence we have composed the best moments and quotes from our interviews in the past week and a half. Whether it is drawing inspiration from adversity, exploring society's concept of beauty or capturing reality - our interviewees have tackled the most complex of topics in the snappy simplicity of Tweets!

Some weeks ago, after our Tweeterview with Ivona Tau, we asked Twitter who we should invite next - the response did not disappoint. Recommendations and messages came flooding in, and we got to the busy task of coordinating and scheduling everyone in!

Mikko Lyytinen

Mikko Lyytinen, King's Dilemma, 2018

First in line was Finnish visual artist Mikko Lyytinen, whose works range from large abstract and expressive oil paintings to surreal finely detailed digital drawings. Given the vast variety of his oeuvre, we picked Lyytinen’s brain about the places he draws inspiration from:

Noting the many forest and aquatic creatures popping up through his work, we wondered if they were at all connected to Finnish folklore. Were there stories behind the bees and larvae, moose and sharks?

Beatrice Von Millhouse

Beatrice Von Millhouse, Text Me When You Get Home (Vol.3), 2021

Next we interviewed the UK-based artist Beatrice Von Millhouse. As a multidisciplinary artist, her work incorporates a low tech aesthetic, constructs of Digital and New-Media tools, code, photography, installation and performance. Von Millhouse is “driven by the ongoing exploration of the concept of ‘perfect’”, according to her bio, and had some striking insight into the process through which we define beauty.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the interplay between subject and object. Another recurring subject in Von Millhouse’s work is domestic violence against womxn. We’ll let the readers draw their own conclusion in terms of relation to the previous subject of ‘perfection’, and urge everyone to check out Von Millhouse's work on the topic:

Claudio Dalla Bernardina

Claudio Dalla Bernardina, The Moth, 2021

Finally, we also connected with the Italian (but Thailand-based) visual artist Claudio Dalla Bernardina, who, similarly to other Tweeterviewees, works with a vast range of different disciplines from photography to documentary-making and graphic design. He relayed his story from discovering his love for computers as a kid to ending up as a freelance designer opening up a restaurant in Thailand, but holding on to his passion for experiences:

Drawing inspiration from capturing the everyday, Dalla Bernardina feeds back into his work as a digital artist. He explained how his love for documentary footage brings out a desire to play with an image:

To conclude, what is art but the exploration of reality? It seems to be a common thread throughout our interviews. This is all for now - but stay tuned for more Tweeterviews in the coming weeks! We’ll be reporting back to you right here on our blog.

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