Missed our Tweeterview with Ivona Tau? Here are the Highlights

Ivona Tau is an AI-artist and researcher who combines computer vision with photography. In the second instalment of our Tweeterview series, we took to Twitter to pick her brain about her practice and favourite art of the moment. Because Twitter can be fleeting and easily washed down your timeline, we have compiled the best bits for our blog.

Starting things off with an introduction, we asked Ivona to describe her practice in 3 words and 3 emojis:

Having described the core element of her work as lying in “the intersection of arts and film photography with the new technologies and machine learning”, we could have expected an alien or two to make an appearance in her answers. Following on, Ivona shared with us that she is from Lithuania, but at the time of the interview was “sitting in a small cafe, hiding from a storm in Warsaw,” her online self residing interchangeably in Babel (where she lives) and in her Cryptovoxels metaverse gallery.

Screenshot of Ivona Tau’s Cryptovoxel gallery, coordinates to be found: https://www.cryptovoxels.com/play?coords=NE@771W,763N

Ivona holds a Master’s degree in mathematics and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science. But when asked what she’d pick between mathematics and art, she answered simply and powerfully that “there is art in math.” Then moving onto her artwork, she named ‘The Cycle of Night’ as her favourite current work. The piece consists of shape-shifting urban landscapes in hues of an approaching morning, reminding her of “those dawn moments after a sleepless night.”

Ivona Tau, The Cycle of Night, 2021

Lastly, when asked about her favourite artists, Ivona fired off a list of amazing artists - some faces familiar to Electric Artefacts, but also plenty whose work we are excited to get acquainted with. The list included: oonthinice, Ivona Aya, Beatrice Von Millhouse, Fabiola Larios, Parin Heidari, Violet Forest, RubenFro, Ganbrood, Von Doyle, Jimena Buena Vida, Don Diablo, Refik Anadol, Mario Klingemann, Sofia Crespo and Anna Ridler.  

Keep an eye on our website and Twitter for the next Tweeterview!

Cover image by Ivona Tau, Artificial Imagination of Places, 2021

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