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Inaugural Show


Fabiola Larios

Interdisciplinary Mexican artist, focusing on the anthropology of social media and the representation of the self through selfies and avatars. Larios explores machine learning through the history of self-portraits and contemporary selfies, creating works that reflect on surveillance through the Internet and censorship in social media.

In video art and video performance Larios makes allegories about our rituals on the internet, and uses her body as a medium with chroma key. In her photographic work, she uses her body to represent concepts related to the use of the internet. She has been part of different biennials and exhibitions such as: Young Art, Eject 5: International Videoperformance Festival at Laboratorio Arte Alameda, The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale in 2017 and 2019, at ICONIC the first Biennial of Cryptocurrency. She has participated in cyborgrrrls Tecnofeminist Meeting, Helloworld 2.0 Festival, Franziska2020: Meeting of Moving Image and Besides the Screen Festival in Brazil. It has been presented on Live A/V shows at the Digital Culture Center, as well as at the Theatre of the Arts at the Center for the Arts in Mexico City.


The “Internet humans: A selfie of the internet” project came out of my curiosity to explore a distorted mirror-reflection of combined social-media users performing through face-filters on social platforms. I wanted to see the results of all these faces, textures, colors and forms. The work generates contemporary public self-portraiture that uses instagram, snapchat, and facebook filters. I believe we are the protagonists in our accounts and we become performers everytime we wear a filter.  


Loading Festival, Mana Contemporary, Miami, 2019
Yami-Ichi, Cultural Digital Center, Mexico city, 2019
Cyber Subcritical Studies, Bikini Wax, Mexico City, 2019

Fabiola Larios
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