Inaugural Show

Inaugural Show

September 24th -  November 24th, 2020

Electric Artefacts is pleased to present an online group show of digital artworks. Conveying the extraordinary diversity that characterises the field of digital art, each artist brings an innovative exploration of technology, data, and space, in which abstract and figurative elements combine to offer impressions of both the online and offline realms.  

Inaugural Show marks the launch of Electric Artefacts, a new online venue to connect digital artists with patrons, and resource an artist's continued exploration of the intersection of art, technology and society.

The Inaugural Show offers both black and white view modes, which you can adjust in the top right corner of the page. By trying the SEE IN AR function you can explore how the artwork would look like in real size on your wall.

Our partner Lumen Art Projects curated a selection of finalists of their annual Lumen Prize for Art and Technology. You can explore their selection here.