Artists’ NFT Exchange Initiative Helps Drive Diversity of Works

You may have already noticed the floodings of #OBJKT4OBJKT on Twitter, but last weekend, from the 26th to the 28th of March, artist-network DiverseNftArt teamed up with Hic et Nunc to organize an NFT-swapping event. Artists were encouraged to mint a work and list for free sale, to be swapped freely against another participating artists’ NFTs in an effort to increase traffic and diversify collections.

With 247 NFTs minted for the event, and Hic et Nunc experiencing a 226.86% increase in transactions over the weekend, one could certainly call it a resounding success. Amongst the artists participating were some of the most renowned artists currently contributing to the Hic et Nunc community, many of which have featured previously on the Electric Artefacts blog.

Diane Drubay, for example, was mentioned earlier this week with her series of imaginary planets in our March top picks:

Diane Drubay, Undique 4

More familiar faces to EA include Mario Klingemann, who's contribution to the #OBJKT4OBJKT event is a free NFT that is also a social experiment: "Diminishing Returns" will list any collector who picks up exactly one of the available works. But he warns: "if you take more than one or try to resell it, your id will be dropped."

Mario Klingemann, "Diminishing Returns"

And also Mike Tyka, who minted an experiment with GAN manipulation, playing around with Dutch master Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring.

Mike Tyka, Meisje met de gan

Amongst other participating artists was Angie Taylor, who created a work to commemorate 10 years(!) of art on the blockchain.

Angie Taylor, Hit Et Nunc - Full Circle Glitch

And of course, DiverseNFTArt’s very own curators: Amelie Maia and Taís Koshino, each offered up some work of their own.

Amelie Maia, Circle Lines - Teach Kids to Code
Taís Koshino, jardim-2021-03-27-III

With so many interesting and exciting projects sprouting up in the various NFT communities, Electric Artefacts looks forward to covering and launching new initiatives in the coming months.

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Electric Artefacts

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