Highlights of our Tweeterview with Second Realm a.k.a. Eric Paul Rhodes

Eric Paul Rhodes (SecondRealm) is one of the early crypto artists to enter the NFT space. He is the founder of Unofficial Punks, a Trash Art anthropologist and most recently also released SINthesis Avatars, a collection of 100 1/1 avatars. Last Wednesday Electric Artefacts sat down with him in the Twittersphere to talk about everything from potatoes to the place of artists in the NFT-collectible world. Here are the highlights.

First off, we asked Second Realm about his background, and how he got into the NFT-space.

It’s that rabbithole that he found punks, trash and tater tots in. Rhodes is the founder of the Society of Potato Users & Dealers, a select collective that gets first picks over his works of Trash Art and other benefits. We asked about some of the history and details of being a SPUD-gang member:

As we have mentioned, Rhodes is also a prominent advocate for Trash Art. So we needed to know more about the basics of the movements, and how it originated:

We also asked about the genesis of his Unofficial Punks, which began to shed interesting light on the positioning of artists and their creativity in the mammoth-collectibles landscapes:

In a similar line of thought, Rhodes had insightful and essential points to make about the way various NFTs are perceived and categorized. This was his answer to our question about what he thought about the recent spike in demand for avatar projects:

The comments open up interesting conversations about the future of the NFT-space and the ways in which it may or may not diversify in months and years to come. When the time came for audience members to step in and pose their questions, Anonymous Nobody continued the discussion by asking Rhodes “opinion on big name influencers in the space and how they shill their projects and what it does to the NFT ecosystem?”, following with a question about “the push for on-chain NFTs” considering the lack of platforms for minting them. Meaty questions indeed:

However, we could not help but end our Tweeterview with a classic move from the NFT-community, the thing on all of our minds: the shill! The answer was a beautiful piece of artwork currently owned by Trevor Jones:

And that’s all for now! The Electric Artefacts team will be moving to the coast to surf some waves instead of our usual webs. But stay tuned! There may be some summer Tweeterviews still, and in any case - we’ll be back soon!

Cover by Second Realm, still of The Lover's Demise

Written by
Electric Artefacts

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