Elisabeth Sweet

Served March 28th 2024

PIE is a poem written in the form of a recipe.

With all the right ingredients, time, and proper attention, a recipe yields the ideal, or something like it. Its formulaic nature allows for reproducibility, a kind of reliability that beckons comfort and satisfies hunger.

A relationship is analogous to a recipe: two people with corresponding character, who meet at the right time and place, and who give each other the proper attention and care yield a unified and unique translation of life. Sometimes it sustains, and sometimes love becomes a sunk cost.

PIE describes a relationship — the friction between what we crave, what we need, and what we get. PIE serves two, satisfies none, and seeks to release one from patterned illusions of control.

- - -

On March 28, 2024, 30 editions of PIE will be minted and released on the Ethereum blockchain. These 30 editions are composed of five flavors: Cherry, Blackberry, Lemon Meringue, Pumpkin, and Mud. The poem is the same across the five flavors, which are differentiated by the color of the smudge on each page. Six editions of each flavor produces a total of 30, available to collect at 0.015 ETH. Collectors will receive a handwritten, physical version of their piece. The works are minted on Elisabeth Sweet’s Manifold contract and exhibited on Electric Artefacts, with special thanks to Aleksandra Art.

PIE’s previous history and future plans:
A hologram of Elisabeth Sweet performed PIE at IGNITE Festival in South Florida, January 24-28, 2024.

At a later date in 2024, Sweet will release a special 1 of 1 edition of PIE which incorporates sound.