Vacation at the End of the World

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Kumbirai Makumbe

Some Things
Edition of 10
$ 270 USD
Edition of 10
Presented by
Off Site Project

Crouching amongst virtual grasses, a figure begins the process of transcendence, moving from solid form into a wireframe model, whose outstretched arms hint at ascension. Behind them, made from the same liquid metal, a gate stands on cloven hooves, recalling a majestic staff with antlers grown into an interdimensional portal.

Originally shown as part of the exhibition POWERPLAY at Arebyte Gallery in association with the The National Gallery of Zimbabwe, It Was A Mix Of Things (2020) comprised a sound piece, sculpture, a bespoke rug and PVC banner. From this exercise in world building, Makumbe has created a new print edition, Some Things (2020), for Vacation at the End of the World showing a before unseen perspective.

Kumbirai Makumbe
Kumbirai Makumbe currently takes form as a London based artist and designer who places significant effort into the speculative exploration of alternative modes of being and thinking that offers means to negate exclusionary acts and ideologies.Their work addresses the multi-dimensionality of blackness, notions of inclusion, in-betweenness, care and transcendence.
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Kumbirai Makumbe
is presented by
Off Site Project
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Kumbirai Makumbe

Kumbirai Makumbe / X.y.n.
Kumbirai Makumbe
Edition of 20
$ 230 USD
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