Off Site Project

Off Site Project is an online curatorial practice founded by Pita Arreola-Burns and Elliott Burns in 2017, which runs a programme of homepage exhibitions; downloadable ZIP shows; and a residency based in Google Maps. 

Through its exhibition programme Off Site Project has explored issues pertaining to our increasingly networked, digitised world, from post-colonialism in Latin America to the increasingly monetised wellness industry, around societal effects of the internet to the prevalence of conspiratorial thinking, as well as the creative identity of AI minds and our ability to inhabit multiple realities through avatar creations.

Via the creation of bespoke online experiences and academic writing, Off Site Project continues an exploration of how interface design can allow artists to reach broad audiences in new dynamic manners. They have been invited to speak at Central Saints Martins, the Research in the Humanities and Arts conference, Modern Art Oxford, Somerset House Studios, Tate Exchange, the UCL Multimedia Anthropology Lab and the Whitworth Gallery.

To date they have created an extensive network of over one-hundred and twenty artists, designers and curators.

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