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Léa Porré

Headless Shampoo
$ 250 USD
Edition of 20
Presented by
Off Site Project

Now with his severed head adorning a bottle of premium shampoo, King Louis XVI has truly cemented his return to power with a line of luxury goods. Emanating from a plastic vessel, his tentacled form reaches out to bestow a royal blessing on all who purchase his consumer goods.

Headless Shampoo (2020) is based upon Léa Porré’s video piece Royal Fate is Fluid (2020) which tells the tale of how the fated French monarch made his way from Versailles across the Atlantic. Porré’s work has long investigated our fascination with ancient regimes and power they wield through the display of ornament and theatrics of luxury, in the 21st century she reimagines these systems surviving aligned to contemporary brands.

Léa Porré
Léa Porré is a French and Belgian artist based in London, who composes speculative transhistorical narratives that disrupt national iconography, rituals and beliefs. Recently, her practice has employed speculative fiction as a methodology for imagining the return of the French monarchy, with the resurgent King positioned as a wellness guru, sacrificial vessel, and alchemical master.
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Léa Porré
is presented by
Off Site Project
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Léa Porré

Léa Porré / Royal Retreat
Léa Porré
Royal Retreat
Edition of 20
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Léa Porré / Why Volcanic Water is Better For You
Léa Porré
Why Volcanic Water is Better For You
Edition of 15
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