Vacation at the End of the World

Alice Bucknell / E-Z Kryptobuild Collectors' Coins
Alice Bucknell / E-Z Kryptobuild: Promo & Backstage
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Alice Bucknell

E-Z Kryptobuild: Promo & Backstage
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5:32 minutes
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“Imagine a world where you could live out on the open pacific or the endless expanse of the Arabian desert. A world of political and economic autonomy.”

In her E-Z Kryptobuild series Alice Bucknell draws inspiration from aspirational development projects and high profile architectural responses to climate change, positing a new exciting investment opportunity aimed at elite individuals seeking luxurious post-apocalyptic lifestyles.

In the Promo & Backstage (2020) edit of the work, Bucknell shows the dream that is being sold, undercut by the false reality of impossible promises. Rendered illusions fall apart, shown to be nothing but a scam to cash in on the end of the world.

Alice Bucknell
Alice Bucknell is an artist and architectural journalist based in London. With a background in Visual Anthropology from the University of Chicago and Critical Practice from the Royal College of Art, her current practice utilises speculative fiction to address contemporary models of technological utopias and the role of architecture in contributing to global inequity and ecological destruction.
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Alice Bucknell
is presented by
Off Site Project
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Alice Bucknell

Alice Bucknell / E-Z Kryptobuild Collectors' Coins
Alice Bucknell
E-Z Kryptobuild Collectors' Coins
5 Unique Colors
$ 230 USD
Alice Bucknell / TROUBLE IN
Alice Bucknell
Edition 1 of 15
$ 210 USD