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Angela Eames / BARELY THERE #1
Angela Eames / BRANCUSI
Angela Eames / HOME-SWEET-HOME
Camila Roriz (Cibymili) / Feel Lime Skin
Camila Roriz (Cibymili) / Rabbit Cave
Camila Roriz (Cibymili)/ tropical golden
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Grayson Cooke / Darwin 2018 01 27
Grayson Cooke / Kati Thanda 2017 03 12
Grayson Cooke / Open Air
Irene P Tello / Ikebana - Cheryl Monsal
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Jake Elwes / CUSP
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Julia Kobel / Tragwerk 2
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Marick Roy / CTM030 serie - 5.0.75_100
Marick Roy / CTM030 serie - CM157.D75
Marick Roy / CTM030 serie - elevenblu cepheus
Mario Klingemann / Between Us (Temperance)
Mario Klingemann / Do Not Kill the Messenger
Mario Klingemann / The Butcher's Son - Special Edition
Matthias Dörfelt / Knots
Matthias Dörfelt / grand_prismatic_spring_sorted.jpg
Max Colson / London Knowledge - Around the Carpenter’s Estate, Stratford, London
Max Colson / London Knowledge - Oxford Street and Argyle Street, London
Max Colson / London Knowledge - Pimlico, London
Michael Pantuso / CHAMELEON mechanical integration
Michael Pantuso / FLAMINGO mechanical integration
Michael Pantuso / OCTOPUS mechanical integration
Moises Sanabria / Beyond Sculpture
Moises Sanabria / Beyond Sculpture II
Moises Sanabria / Beyond Sculpture III
Rachel Noble / Sensual Star
Rachel Noble / Sensual Super Star
Rachel Noble / The Feeling of Seeing a Waterfall
Snow Yunxue Fu / Conjoin Chapter 3
Snow Yunxue Fu / Karst 1
Snow Yunxue Fu / Karst 3
Sophie Rogers / Plasticity - 0102
Sophie Rogers / Plasticity Bundle - 01
Sophie Rogers / Plasticity Bundle - 02
Stepan Ryabchenko / Dedication to the spider. August 16, 2020
Stepan Ryabchenko / Entrance to the Exit
Stepan Ryabchenko / Tranquil
Ultrabianka / SPRINGCORE 01
Ultrabianka / SPRINGCORE 02
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Mario Klingemann

Between Us (Temperance)
$ 6,300 USD
Unique work
Presented by
Lumen Art Projects

Arcana is a series of three works created by Mario Klingemann for the group show Arcana 1 held at the Orangerie München in 2019. Each artist was invited to interpret three randomly drawn Tarot cards; Klingemann was dealt Temperance, Strength and The Hanged Man, which he used as starting points for Between Us, Hadron Councellor and This Side Up. Abstract compositions that eerily allude to figuration, these three prints were all developed using neural networks and are rich in the digital textures characteristic of Klingemann’s art.

Working first with a classification model, Klingemann identified the keywords and labels most commonly associated with classic Tarot cards before then using the BigGAN neural network to generate images based on these concepts. From the thousands of options proposed by the AI model, the artist hand-picked certain images, which were then developed using “neural glitch,” Klingemann’s technique to transform the AI output using visual anomalies known as digital artefacts.Finally, texture and colour were further enriched through a process Klingemann defines as “transhancement.”  

The result of a painstaking process involving human and AI decision-making, the Arcana series not only reflects Klingemann’s interest in visual experimentation, but inevitably draws parallels between the search for meaning in Tarot and our contemporary relationship with technology.

Images courtesy of Onkaos.

Mario Klingemann
Mario Klingemann is an artist, who uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to create and investigate systems. He is particularly interested in human perception of art and creativity, researching methods in which machines can augment or emulate these processes, and has been recognized as a pioneer in the field of AI art, neural networks and machine learning.
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Mario Klingemann
is presented by
Lumen Art Projects
Machine Learning, Generative Adversarial Network
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Mario Klingemann

Mario Klingemann / Do Not Kill the Messenger
Mario Klingemann
Do Not Kill the Messenger
$ 7,000 USD
Mario Klingemann / The Butcher's Son - Special Edition
Mario Klingemann
The Butcher's Son - Special Edition
Edition 5 (Edition of 24)
$ 850 USD
Signed by the artist
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Limited Edition Print • Edition of 1 • Size: 67 × 120
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