Abstract Noise

Abstract Noise

An NFT collection by Sven Eberwein

A self-made computer-graphic artist, crypto-native and designer for Tesla - but above all a "child of the internet", Sven Eberwein unveils his first abstract works in the series Abstract Noise at Electric Artefacts.

Consisting of nine works released in three triptychs, Abstract Noise captures the fluidity of our digital environments. The series was made using pioneering computer-graphic techniques of the ‘80s in which each pixel is almost plotted individually, each layer added onto by hand. Central to Eberwein's work is the knowledge that we shape the digital ecosystems & communities around us. Schooled in the creative technologies by what resources the internet had to offer, his practice is truly "of the internet, by the internet, for the internet."

The nine works of Abstract Noise will be available for auction, with the remaining works available over the following days. Amidst the sea of noise in the cryptosphere, Eberwein offers a very literal embodiment, poetically crafted with the rudimentary building blocks of digital days of yore. A reminder or return to when the abstract noises of the internet could be anything you wanted it to be.

❗Auction begins April 28 on OpenSea.