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Digital Surrealism: Panel Discussion with Rachel Kate Noble and Irene P Tello

11/18/2020 16:00
11/18/2020 17:00
Electric Artefacts

Electric Artefacts is glad to present the second of a series of ongoing panel discussions featuring some of the most exciting digital artists on the scene in conversation with experts.

Artists Rachel Kate Noble and Irene P Tello present their perspectives on the fascination for the intersection of technology and organic matter in contemporary digital art. The panel offers insights about the convergence of biotechnology aesthetic drawing inspiration from their works and the Surrealism cultural movement.

Moderated by the curator Filippo Lorenzin, the event sees the participation of the art historian and Media Studies expert Annie Dell’Aria along with the Co-Founder of Electric Artefacts Aleksandra Artamonovskaja.

Rachel Kate Noble, Sensual Star, 2020

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Ikebana-2, Irene P Tello, 2020

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