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Inaugural Show


Irene P Tello

Irene P Tello is a multidisciplinary artist, who works between Mixed Media, Photography and Video. Her work is mainly featured and centered on digital escapism through organic and sensorial aesthetics as H20 and futuristic ecosystems.

$ 210 USD
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$ 210 USD

The presented work “Ikebana” is a custom series of virtual escapism into flora, surrealism and eco-futurism.

Irene is interested in all the areas of Design and Visual Arts, but the following three are a priority: Installation, Visual Researching, and Video. She likes to set different approaches from the aesthetics perspective and recreate them with uncertain factors, not from the pure method of technical functionality but producing an absolute thrill - or an unexpected side effect that can easily engage the viewer with an image, object or even space.

As visual artist she mainly works on her personal projects and collaborations as well as commissioned work for those attracted by her visual aesthetics. Working also in collaboration with sound artists setting the visuals for the live shows or creating the mood and aesthetics for a sound project, video-clip or for the album cover where sound and image melts perfectly.

Irene P Tello
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