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Sarah Ridgley Nymph, in Thy Orisons
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Sarah Ridgley

Nymph, in Thy Orisons
3.5 Ξ
Unique Artwork
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Custom generative software (color, silent)
JavaScript, HTML, CSS9:16
Edition of 1
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Sarah Ridgley’s Nymph, in Thy Orisons Flowers bloom then fade, inscribing and overwriting themselves in a constant attempt at a permanence that can never be found. In the same way the blossoms eventually wither, our own efforts to imprint code into permanent form risk becoming an illusory gesture, eventually to be overwritten by the relentless progress of technological development.

Sarah Ridgley
Sarah Ridgley is an internationally exhibited generative artist who has experimented with Blockchain since 2019. Her work focuses on blaring the boundaries between the hand-drawn and the computer-drawn, reflecting human touch in machine-made work
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Sarah Ridgley
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Sarah Ridgley

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