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David Lisser

The Unbearable Brightness of Seeing
2024, Moving Image
Edition of 10
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Screens simultaneously push and pull, they emit light out and draw attention in.The world immediately surrounded the screen is overlooked, swallowed by the visual pull of bright, moving images.

The Unbearable Brightness of Seeing is a meditation on the screen and its visual gravity; It is a 3D scan point-cloud of a laptop nestled amongst bedsheets.

Slowly but surely, every single point of the scan is pulled towards the gravitational centre of the screen until only a single point of focus remains.

David Lisser
David Lisser is a UK based artist whose work utilises 3D scanning tools to consider how the natural world is simulated via digital interfaces, and the ways that computer vision can lead to new interpretations of what we see.
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David Lisser
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