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Divine Dance is part of Carrie Able's genesis NFT-collection, Cosmic Love. Characteristic for Able's work, the image shows silhouettes of bodies circling the ether. It is a moment captured as a still from Able's VR-painting Divine Dance.

“I don’t have to tell you how I feel..
Your look says you know its real...
You see in me an essence of soul...
When others see a beautiful vessel they’d like to control...
I see you ...
I feel the pain you’ve traversed..
leading down a path of resilience.
A challenge it is at first...
To peer into your eyes...
As they swim through me.
Am I floating or falling?
When you touch me
I melt into you...
A divine dance....
Between two souls...
Defusing boundaries.”

- Lyrics accompanying Divine Dance VR painting

Carrie Able
Carrie Able is a pioneering multidisciplinary artist working across painting, VR, AR, music, and poetry. Able has been selected for a solo exhibition at the 2022 Venice Biennial titled "Personal Structures", previously done by Marina Abramovic and Yoko Ono.
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Carrie Able
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