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Moises Sanabria

Venezuelan-born, Miami-based Moises Sanabria is an interdisciplinary artist whose work extends dialectics of machine philosophy alongside trends in memetics through the context of networked social-media life. Moises' work is both philosophical and political, joining academic aesthetics with internet meme cultures.

Moises Sanabria's practice is deeply entangled with digital nowness, making use of live-streaming, video, new media, machine learning, and installation to further connect the advancement of science with art. Moises co-founded the digital art collective ART404 (Artnotfound) 2011 - 2019 and has also been known under the name moisesnotfound and moises404. He has been featured in Rhizome and The Miami Rail.

For Electric Artefacts Moises unveils Beyond Sculpture, a digital art project using contemporary sculpture and machine learning to create unique AI-generated images of sculptures that never existed before.

Selected Exhibitions

Cyber Subcritical Studies, Bikini Wax, Mexico City, 2019
Guccivuitton, Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, 2017
Transmediale 2k+12, Hause Der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin, 2012


School of Poetic Computation
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York

Selected Press

Rhizome​,  5 Million Dollars 1 Terabyte
Huffington Post​, 5 Million Dollars 1 Terabyte: Pirated Data Displayed As Art
The Miami Rail, Art404 In Real Life - Gucci Vuitton
BuzzFeed​, This Airbnb Is A ‘Netflix And Chill’ Utopia​
Time​, There’s a MacBook Selfie Stick and It’s as Amazing as It  Sounds
The Guardian, Making viral art out of hardware is a growing trend amongst  artist trying to critique and humanise our relationship with technology

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