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Uno, Nessuno, Centomila

Giovanni Muzio

Giovanni Muzio is a new media artist and creative technologist whose work focuses on the social impact of the paradigms introduced by new media, constantly combining visual art and the latest trends in technology, making state of the art immersive experiences.

Muzio works extensively with Generative Art and Neural Networks to make compelling artworks where the unpredictability of randomness and fortuity is mixed with the order and aesthetics of math, in a combination that leads to poetic hallucinations. He believes there are many ways to reach the same goal, and the possibilities offered by newcoming technologies are endless. His workflow goes beyond pure code and embraces a perfect balance of code poetry and computational aesthetics inspired by the uncanny quality of complexity and cyberpunk and sci-fi imaginary.

He exhibited in several international festivals of electronic arts, including Sonar Reykjavik, International Conference on Live Coding, Live Performers Meeting and Flussi Festival. Also he got featured in international galleries and art networks, like Nyx Gallery in Boston (USA), FRAMED*, Dong Gallery in Taipei and World Of Light in Los Angeles (CA-USA).

He co-founded mediaintegrati, an Italian group of artists in which he was also a former member.

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