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Tweeterview: Taranveer Singh

11/17/2021 17:00
11/17/2021 17:30
Electric Artefacts

Get ready for our next round of Tweeterviews! After our summer series, we’ll get you through the cold winter months with our selection of the most exciting figures in the crypto-art space: artists, builders and collectors… keep an eye out!

This week we welcome Taranveer Singh, a multidisciplinary motion designer and director based out in India. With a professional experience of more than 7+ years in the advertising industry, he has worked for brands like Sephora, Procter & Gamble, HP, KIA Motors, and many more. Besides his professional experience, he has gained recognition in the 3D space for his unique experimental Motion concepts/series and dark 3d illustrations visually narrating mind-boggling concepts. Featured in Behance 3D Art Gallery, The CryptoArt Magazine, and many more renowned 3d communites like Motiondesigner, MotionMate & Motion Process.

Tweeterviews are a live Twitter interview series by Electric Artefacts - returning context and meaning to some of the artefacts lost in the seas of social media. Read our article about Tweeterviews.