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Tweeterview: oonthinice

7/16/2021 16:00
7/16/2021 16:30
Electric Artefacts

After opening up the floor for Twitter to decide on our next guests, we invite oonthinice as our latest Tweeterviewee.

oonthinice is the architect behind the Babel NFT-community as well as a talented visual artist and musician. Using ‘Babel’ as a “way to say hello to NFT community as an upcoming artist”, oonthinice invited crypto artists, collectors and community heroes to ‘move-in’ to her artwork reflecting a digital urban landscape. Tune in this Friday to find out more.

Tweeterviews are a live Twitter interview series by Electric Artefacts - returning context and meaning to some of the artefacts lost in the seas of social media. Read our article about Tweeterviews.