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Tweeterview: Chepertom

1/14/2022 16:00
1/14/2022 16:40
Electric Artefacts

Get ready for our next round of Tweeterviews! After our summer series, we’ll get you through the cold winter months with our selection of the most exciting figures in the crypto-art space: artists, builders and collectors… keep an eye out!

This week we welcome Thomas Collet, a French glitch artist based in Brussels working under the pseudonym Chepertom. With his self-described practice being “making videos and breaking them with code”, Collet’s compositions have manifested across the globe in various forms. His work has appeared, for example, as a videoclip for pop queen Ariana Grande, as well as accompanying musician barcode’s performance at Berlin Atonal festival just last December.

Tweeterviews are a live Twitter interview series by Electric Artefacts - returning context and meaning to some of the artefacts lost in the seas of social media. Read our article about Tweeterviews.

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