Digital Art Exhibitions & Events

Shifting Proximities

8/29/2021 0:00
12/31/2021 0:00
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Nxt Museum

Shifting Proximities will explore human experience and interaction in the face of social and technological change.

The eight immersive, multi-sensory installations in Nxt Museum's inaugural exhibition have been created in collaboration with artists, designers, technologists, scientists and musicians. The artworks fuse creative ideas with groundbreaking academic research and technological innovation; four of which have been commissioned by and will premiere at Nxt Museum.

United Visual Artists
Heleen Blanken
Thijs Biersteker
The Algorithmic Justice League
Yuxi Cao (James)
Roelof Knol
Marshmallow Laser Feast
Lucy McRae & Dr Niels Wouters