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Internet Rituals: Panel Discussion with Fabiola Larios

10/27/2020 17:00
10/27/2020 18:00
Online Event
Electric Artefacts

Electric Artefacts presents the first of a series of panel discussions featuring some of the most exciting digital artists on the scene in conversation with experts.

Artist Fabiola Larios, who presented her new Internet Humans series at Electric Artefacts Inaugural Show, shares her perspective on the influence of market-driven algorithms on online self-representation.

The panel discussion features insights that touch anthropological and marketing themes drawing inspiration from her works about ambiguity on social media. Moderated by the critical theorist Filippo Lorenzin, they are joined by the researcher and artist Caroline Sinders along with the Co-Founder of Electric Artefacts Aleksandra Artamonovskaja.